pretty 4 leaf clover

A Simple Birthday Gift Idea.

When a friend has a birthday, what thoughtful present will you buy them?

Will it be something personal like their favourite perfume or special after-shave?

How does something unique and under £5 sound?

Will it be something exotic or something simple?

A superb Birthday gift Lucky clovers make lovely gift. Our clovers cant be found on the High Street.

When you choose something individual or unique, its evidence you've put real effort into your selection.

Personalised stationery, for example, is always appreciated but can be expensive and needs a lot of organising.


It's better when a present is "hard-to-find" and is not available in the High Street.
That’s the BEST!

"Hard-to-find" and "not available on the High Street" perfectly describes a Four Leaf Clover.
They're individually pressed, preserved and made colour fast, so they last a long time.
Everyone wants Good Luck and a Four Leaf Clover is better than any rabbit's foot or discarded horse shoe.

A Four Leaf Clover, in our presentation gift folder, slips perfectly into a birthday card.
That means you have no extra postage cost or wrapping to do.
Its so easy and our clovers are available by First Class post.

Put a Real Four Leaf Clover in your next greetings or birthday card.

Lucky clover found near Buxton Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found near Buxton

They’re always appreciated by young and old alike. (And the inbetweenies)

Good Luck never goes out of fashion, is never the wrong size and is always wanted.


Put a real Four Leaf Clover in your next greetings card. It’ll be kept for ever!

Good luck from the Four Leaf Clover Shop
The only place on the web to buy real, pressed, preserved, colour-fast Four Leaf Clovers.
The ideal little Good Luck present everyone wants ………and some even need.