pretty 4 leaf clover

5 tips to pass your DRIVING TEST.

First off, you'll need your basic share of Good Luck.

In simple terms that's good weather, no rain and an examiner without a chip on his/her shoulder.

For Good Luck be sure you have a real Four Leaf Clover in your wallet.

Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found Prestbury

It wont guarantee you a pass, particularly if you do something that's a definite FAIL
but it will perhaps ensure a dog doesn’t dash in front of your car half way through your test.

Conventional wisdom says you'll be nervous.
Chewing gum helps as does some deep, slow, breathing in the hour ahead of your test.
Remove gum before the test.
Wear smart clean clothes and smell clean. Examiners are not impressed with slovenliness.
Be courteous. "Good morning". "Good afternoon." "Thank you.” “Yes Please.” all set the right tone.
Finally even when you think you know the highway code, read it again.
The examiner knows it inside out and may choose to ask you one of the more tricky questions.
Be prepared!

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It may just prevent your date with the examiner being cancelled because he's poorly.
It may just be enough to win the day if you're performance is borderline.

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