pretty 4 leaf clover

Good Luck with the INTERVIEW

An interview means being on your best behaviour.

When its not you that's in the spot light, it can all seems relatively easy.

But putting your best foot forward in front of total strangers can be tricky.

Your nerves play a big part in a successful result.

You know you need to remain calm, collected and coherent, particularly under pressure.

Difficult questions are the stumbling blocks and how they are handled counts for much.

A high stress levels can catch you out.

Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found Prestbury

Particularly when so much is hanging on the result. A promotion. A salary rise. Possibly a move. New responsibilities.

So whoever you are, or whoever you know that has to face an interview, we say "Good Luck".

Perhaps you'd like to send them a Real 4 Leaf Clover to smooth their passage.

If you want one for yourself or a friend use our PAYPAL


on our home page.

It won't necessarily guarantee success but it should help you and them feel more confident about the interview.