pretty 4 leaf clover

Good Luck with the NEW BABY

The arrival of a bonny, beautiful, new baby is a joy to behold.

Especially for a new Mum.

Dads too can be emotionally moved as well as baby's extended family, friends and colleagues.

Its a time of hope and reflection, expectation and good will.

Its also a time for giving.

Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found Prestbury Lucky clover found Prestbury

Often its flowers and chocolates, hugs and smiles.

But have you thought of giving Mum or baby a Real Four Leaf Clover?

It's one leaf for Love. Two for Wealth. Three for Health. And four for Luck.

A four Leaf Clover is the ultimate symbol of Good Luck and that's something everyone wants.

Its because a four leaf clover is hard to find that makes it so special.

After all, you can't just go to the high street and select one from a shop window.

Only from this website can you get one (or two) via next day post.

Our Four Leaf Clovers are real, pressed and preserved.

They're the size of a postage stamp.

They come with a certificate of authenticity in a presentation gift pack.

If you forward baby's name we personalise your gift for you at no cost.

To request your clover please use our PayPal button on our home page.


In the meantime good luck to you from the original Good Luck Clover Shop. We send Clovers across the world.